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Ender Islands | New server that had a month of development!

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created 03/25/2019 6:50 pm by DaVolt_YT

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After a month of work the new exciting server, Ender Islands is releasing to the public! Ender Islands is a fun network with minigames such as survival, kitpvp, factions, skyblock, creative and more! There will also be short events hosted at random times by our lovely staff team such as sumo, parkour or a quick build battle round! You can play with your friends but in some games your friends are your enemies. In survival you can fight against players in a massive world or you can build fantastic structures to show off your building skills. If you love fighting you can come on down to Kit Pvp where you can jump into an arena and fight who you see, however if you are an extreme builder you can make builds in creative which wont be harmed by others. If you like factions we have that too or if you find skyblock exciting you can hop right into your own personal heaven which you can expand yourself or you can upgrade your island using crates which you can buy from our well designed website!

(Also dont forget there is a special event crate key to celebrate the release - you can use this crate key to upgrade your skyblock island, and you can obtain it in the skyblock server.)

Our server isn't perfect however its the closest to it! So hop right in to an amazing network with loads of friendly players and an amazing community waiting for YOU, because the only thing that could make our server better is you being a part of it! Our server also supports a wide range of versions from 1.8 to 1.13.2 however 1.8 is our recommended version for you to play on!

Ender Islands - There is no limit or end in Ender Islands!

thanks for reading and I hope you join my wonderful network,
DaVolt - Proud Owner of Ender Islands

My discord: Da_Volt#9571
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