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EnderEmpires||Looking for devs|| Click if intrestted

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created 12/07/2017 5:30 pm by EnderEmpire
Ender Empires
By:The Ender Team
Discord Server:
Hello everyone, I am one of the two CoOwners of EnderEmpires, a server in development. We include aloy of custom gamr modes that have NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE. Our staff team is proffesional and fast at what they do and we take ptide in our work. Openning day is January 5th and 2 of our 7 gamemodes will be ready to open for season 1! We are also having a 500 dollar competition that involves you entering your freinds to the server. More info about it is listed in the forums. Lets go over what we have to offer:

Factions: Regular factions, except it has many fully custom plugins that enhances gameplay, and gives unquie expirences.

GalacticPvP: A race to the moon and beyond this is. Create a space organization with 4 other people ans create a base. Watch out enemy organizations can try to raid you. Make bases on the moon... or even mars. Have a intergalactic war with other space organizations. And do it all over as reset us every 200 days.

Prisions: We will offer a rich prisions expirence, become the top gang, cause prision riots, FIGHT THE ARMY IF YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. Loot enemy gangs cells. Become the top dog in prision.

Skyblock: A skyblock expirence that will have unquie ezpirences, just has not been planned yet.

WW2: Create an army of 30 real players , and go to war with others. We are talkong NUKES, airstrikes, ganks. Everything WW2

Apocalypse: You are in a world overthrown by zombies. You must find a way to survive! Loot buildings, fight mutant bosses, get freinds. 8 large cities for you to explore.

Survival: A unquie survival game


We are currently looking for devs to assist our 3, join our website or discord if intrested
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