⚡️✨ ETHERUS 1.12 ✨⚡️ 🏛 Survival, Custom Dungeons, Economy, Towns 🏛

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🏛 єthєruѕ 1.12 🏛

⚡️ play.etherus.net ⚡️

Etherus is an up and coming SMP server - we boast custom dungeons with unique bosses and mobs, optional PvP, a working Casino, an exciting rank-up system, jobs, strong player-made towns, a strong supportive community and so much more.

We look to constantly improve on what we have, and make absolute sure we listen to everything our players have to say. We make sure this is as much your server as it is ours.

With beautiful builds everywhere you look, we work hard to enhance your survival experience to its absolute maximum. Below are some screenshots of player-accessible areas we have tirelessly made for you:

PVP Arena

Future Mini-Game Castle:

Custom adventure area biome:

Etherus boasts a fun yet challenging progression system alongside the vanilla survival aspects through an engaging Rank-Up system. Players earn in-game money through various actions, which they can use to purchase in-game ranks.

Aside from the cosmetic aspect of the rank, where players receive a rank-prefix before their username in chat:

Ranks also give players specific gameplay perks and advantages, such as extra commands, access to ranked items, and much more...

In fact, we even offer alternate rank names if you don't like your rank in chat!

Talking about money, as everyone likes to do, it can be earned in a huge array of methods - from simply joining a job and earning money from actions, selling items to other players (many ways to accomplish this too), fighting in the arena, playing in the casino... whatever you can imagine!

And what's more - the economy is almost completely player-run! This means the server encourages in-game businesses, shops and market places for players to earn money!

Honestly, there really is too much to say about the server to fit all of it in here. So why not join us?

Visit our website at www.etherus.enjin.com, talk to us at discord.gg/FdgGjXJ, and - if you'd like, join our server at: play.etherus.net!

Thank you!

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Give us a go! You won't regret it.
09/15/2017 9:53 pm
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Please give feedback on the article and give us a chance :)
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