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Eurasia Roleplay Server: Looking for Staff and Builders

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created 11/15/2018 4:55 pm by Cptn_Alex66
Eurasia Cyberpunk Roleplay

The Frontier is a cyberpunk-themed roleplaying server on Minecraft. On this server, you play the life of an optimistic character living in the Frontier, a distant futuristic world during a period of massive interstellar colonization, strife, wars and a new age of capitalism. You'll explore a whole new brand of politics, moral and philosophical debate and science, but you'll run into the familiarity of crime and warfare interspersed between colonial worlds.
Want to apply?
Visit for more information on lore and how to apply
Any questions join our discord and message the Community Manager or Game Masters (GM)
Or Message Cptn_Alex66#4568 (Let me know if you need to reach me elsewhere)
*Note the server will have a resource pack, and some mods can be useful but not required to help gameplay

Looking for Moderators:

We are looking for People to help Moderate the server and help run events. it's your job to join in on the staff meeting, propose and help set up new events, or help in development. Your job is also to review applications. make sure to post your reviews before you post them and watch out for the bigger themes that are deniable. If there are any issues on the server make sure to report it.

Looking for Builders:

We are in desperate need of Builders to help turn District One and the surrounding area into a not only playable but appealing looking city.

Looking for Developers:

Any Help within the development of plugins or helping config the current plugins are welcome, anyone who takes up this job might be able to get a real life small pay for doing so.

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