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Experience the awesomeness!

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created 03/21/2019 9:03 am by Krader
Hello there fellow minecraft player.

I Krader has made a server.
Obsously i think my server is awesome! And all i want to do is share the awesomeness.
The server is a survival server, and i made it so that people can start out with a kit.

Now there is a survival world where you can pay survival. and people have made cool bases there just sitting there ready tro get raided. If you are not the guy who wants your base to get raided you can buy a plot in a TOWN

in te town all your stuff will be safe from others, and its an easy to use system. Now How do you get a plot in the town. Well. You got to get that paper. Nd then you go to the bank and turn in your paper for monney! We even have ranks that you can get for free waow. And the donator ranks are pretty awesome too. Allready have some that have bought them.

Most of the people that usualy play on the server are on vacation atm. so like its totaly safe to join atm. and it will give you a HEAD START!

So i Urge you to just check the server out and experience the awesomeness i have been trying to achieve!

Our community has a discord server so you can check out all the different players we have end server updates

So please check my server out, if its only for a minute. i would appreciate it!


You i also made a trailer which you can check out here:
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