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Fables of Velorae sports an active staff team with professional structuring, to provide an interactive and diverse world for your characters to explore and thrive within. With a brand new imposing city to explore, rent and own businesses in, all through roleplay and event driven content, and with the ability to become Nobility, thieves, the leader of your own gang and more- it becomes exciting just thinking about the possibilities!

Pictures, previews, forums, and in-depth lore here!
http://www.fablesofvelorae.org/ <-----

Fables of Velorae utilises plugins to allow ranged chat, name changes and emotes. Pre-built homes are rentable, from landlords or the government, as are businesses and the like. With more areas being released to explore and settle in, all we need now are people willing to join in on the fun.

Fables of Velorae has a professional Website; http://www.fablesofvelorae.org/, with active ticket support and help for any issues that may arise. Help us as a community to grow, and in turn, have fun doing it.
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