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★Fantasytown Survival★ One of the oldest Survival Servers around

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created 10/08/2017 4:17 pm by jam4munch

Welcome to the only survival server you will ever need. FantasyTown is a survival server based around having an improved survival experience. We strive to have a great mature and friendly community that works together, we do not allow griefing raiding or pvp.

We use GriefPrevention as a landclaim tool and grief prevention but if you are ever griefed, our staff will do the best we can to rollback and fix any damage caused. This server has been running for just over 7 years now and the survival maps are new and really fresh with plenty of space!. The server offers a variety of features to make your survival more enjoyable. The player base has dropped in the past but is now slowly building itself back up with a brand new spawn with more to come!

Lots to learn about our server, so why not grab your friends and come join us!

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