FFSCraft is looking for players/staff/builder's/developers to help us reach our goal

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xthefallen0nex started 02/22/2021 11:51 pm
Hello My server Needs Staff, ADMIN , MOD , HELPER , BUILDER , and much more if interested DM me at Discord xthefallen0nex#5401 [note the O is the number zero in my discord name] FFSCraft is aiming to be the odd ball RLCraft Server we want to stick out from the rest so if you want to join this journey with us feel free to dm me with this lay out and we will go over it and you might be luck and join the journey

  1. Where do you come from what timezone?
  2. What is your age?
  3. Do you have a good working microphone?
  4. Do you have discord?
  5. Discord name?
  6. What is your Minecraft name
  7. Are you able to work with a team and work together?
  8. Why should we choose you as staff/partner?
  9. If you wanna be a partner tell us something about your community?
  10. Why should we trust you with what you do and if it will work what you do?
  11. What helps you to be motivated with going on with what you do?
  12. what's the average time you could help out with this server? example: i can put 3 hours in a week [Note] this is not a requirement but the more time you spend with us the more comfortable we will get with you
  13. Anything else you wanna tell us?
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