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Finding Staffs!

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created 11/20/2018 1:49 pm by Tomatis_Zz

I have created a Minecraft Server! i had a minecraft server before but i shut it down for a reason :/
Now i have Created a new one and searching Staffs.
The server is free right now but when i got staffs i will purchase for it to be sure that i have staffs to build up the server with so i dont purshase and getting nowhere!

So if you want to be staff on my server you have to add me on discord (zaazpvppro1 #6511) and then i will ask you some questions and you answear. (OR JUST REPLY DOWN BELOW XD)
If you pass it you are staff on my server. tell me on discord what staff rank you want and i will get some good questions.

REMEMBER this is a new started server again i just have a nice looking spawn and some plugins so remember when you get staff do not think the server is open for all and people are playing on it.

If you want to help me and create a server with me follow the steps i have gave you!

Hope i see you ingame!

DISCORD: (zaazpvppro1 #6511)
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