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FireCraftMC Hiring Staff.

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created 04/30/2018 1:28 pm by Craftymatt2
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FireCraftMC is currently in its beta stages and we are looking to hire some professional staff members to come and on our server. We already have a small community built and we also have a discord server and a professional website.
The server is currently a Skyblock and Prison network. Most of the maps created throughout or server are originally built by us.


Who are we looking for?

We are in need of experienced staff members who will be active on our servers and discord. Although we put no age limit on our applicants, the staff members will need to act maturely and professional at all times. The staff members must be experienced with commands and be prepared to be promoted to become a much higher rank.
We are also looking for professional builders to help us expand our servers and improve some of our existing maps. The build team will need past experience and the ability to work in a team with the other builders.

Positions we are looking for.

- Advertising/Marketing Manager
- Profesional Developers
- Talented Builders
- Skilled Helpers
We start all our new staff members as helpers, as they progress we promote them into the higher staff ranks.


Why should you work at FireCraftMC?

We think that you will enjoy working in an amazing relaxed environment with other staff members helping the other players along with anything they need while protecting the server from hackers. We think that you will work well with the team we are hiring because we will only hire the best of the best. We also don't tolerate immature staff members who will make a bad impression on the server. We also put lots of money into the server to make it perform well and upstand lots of players.


How can you get involved?

You can apply to become a staff member on our forums under the application forum and then our staff manager will be in contact with you. We also like all our staff to join our discord which can be found on our website.


Do you still have Questions?

Contact us on our forums or discord server and we will reply back as fast as possible.


Thank You, FireCraftMC Team.

Craftymatt2, FireCraftMC, Leading Developer.
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05/01/2018 8:26 am
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Vouch for this server ^ I'm the Staff Manager.

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