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Fractured Sky MC -- Needs Capable Staff!

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created 01/19/2019 6:26 pm by BratzeliStudios
Hey, guys! Fractured Sky is looking for Staff!


Fractured Sky is an FFA Survival server with a lot of customization. We have custom dimensions, mobs, loot, and a really cool-looking world gen!

The main goal is to see what players do when they are faced with the new challenges I put in, such as Diseases, super powerful mobs, and even temp.!

(Note: We have /home and factions(with DTR set to 2) added. Facs is DEFINITELY subject to change.)

The only problem is we need more staff.

Here's the deal:

Contact me on Discord(TriusMalarky#7142) and get an interview. This may be over multiple days, as I can't constantly be on. It also probably won't be voice, just text.

Join the discord server() and become a Member(Only Members can send messages).

Join the server( and play a while.

After the interview, if you are accepted, I will set you to staff lv 1. This rank only has tempmute, warn, and kick perms, so it's a trial thing. If you prove trustable, I will eventually upgrade you to lv 2(full Staff member with a couple more perms) and lv 3(Mod, with even more perms).

Please note that you only have even /gamemode perms once you are Admin(lv 4) and TP is Mod level.
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