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GaussCraft server review.

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created 08/20/2018 8:04 pm by Kopymatic
last reply 08/21/2018 1:16 am
(Moved to the server's post. Thanks Pablo!)

The server is great, and I wish i hadn’t been so stupid with my time on the server before i got banned. I don’t expect to get unbanned because of this review. The custom plugins are great, though the custom terrain can get a bit insane and untraversable at times. Most of the builds on the server are stunning, both in scale and beauty, though living up to the other people’s builds might be a burden to some who play on the server. Diamonds (as well as all other ores) can spawn at any height in the world, making diamonds less valuable, but it gives you more time to work on building and farming that you would otherwise spend mining. Connection tends to be good from my little experience. Afking overnight can be difficult due to a server restart during the night, but that shouldn’t be an issue. Some of the rules can be a bit general, but the owner is always open to suggestions and you can always ask staff to clarify the rules if you need it. Speaking of the staff, they are great to work with! Two staff members last night tried to help help me figure out and sort out my whole ban situation, in the end sadly they had to tempban me due to a lack of evidence. I later afterward was informed that I ended up permbanned for reasons I wasn’t informed of though i am sure it had to do with why i was banned from the discord and forums. The staff members both apologized sincerely. I could tell that they weren’t just being nice and apologizing because it was protocol.

Those staff members made me really sad, as they made me realize I blew it.

Overall, i recommend it, unless you dislike survival.

Link to the server's PMC post:

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