[14w07a][Snapshot/Vanilla] - We have 3 servers for you!

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kewlmcserver started 02/18/2014 11:24 am
and replied 03/12/2014 8:45 am

Hello there,

We are seeking mature players and staff for our 3 servers.

KewlMCserver is a professionally-run and rapidly-growing group of small, well-moderated, non-whitelisted, free-to-join Minecraft servers with minimal-lag that are ran off a hiqh-quality dedicated-server in Europe, but also with many good members from North America and elsewhere too. Members from everywhere are welcome!

We offer a customized Snapshot server, a heavily-modded Bukkit server and a Tekkit server - these are always kept at the latest versions.

In summary; this is KMCS:

Dedicated machine offering:

* Experienced, expert, friendly and attentive owner.

* Quality moderating from friendly, knowledgeable, helpful ops/admins and mods.

* Free-to-join and Free-to-play.

* Minimal-Lag.

* No building rights needed - come in and play without applying first!

* Impressive spawn areas with minigames.

* Server 1: Bukkit with many quality plugins.

* Server 2: Tekkit.

* Server 3: Latest Minecraft Snapshot with many hidden and customized goodies!

* Affiliated Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and extensive Website with forums.

* Extensive system of donor-perks, for all 3 servers.

* Rapidly growing and rapidly improving.

* Recruiting for new staff and seeking partners.

Currently our most active is the Snapshot server and we would encourage you to begin there (

Please feel free to ask any questions about us and our servers - here or on the website.

We very much hope to see you soon


PS feel free to invite some friends, as we offer an [Advertiser] rank with special benefits.

Website: http://kewlmcserver.webs.com
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03/12/2014 8:45 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Crafter
Snapshot server updated to 14w10c
03/08/2014 11:48 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Crafter
Our 4 servers are each now running Whitelists.

Apply at: http://kewlmcserver.webs.com/whitelistapplication.htm
03/06/2014 5:08 pm
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Updated Snapshot server to 14w10b!
02/27/2014 12:55 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Crafter
We've now added a new server for Terrafirmacraft!

Check it out at:

Terrafirmacraft is arguably the way Minecraft Survival was meant to be. It is a mod that adds and changes an immense amount of things to Minecraft, making it much more realistic.

Here's the Wiki for it, with crafting guides, lists of all the amazing things it has and stuff:


and here's how you setup your Minecraft launcher for it, it only takes a minute or 2:


You could also try this vid, which has a pretty kewl explanation of how to set it up:


I've been watching generikb's Hermit Vs Terrafirmacraft vids on Youtube to try and get an idea of how this thing works, and I'm upto episode 12 now. Well worth a watch


Hope you get the chance to join us,

Regards Hank.
02/21/2014 7:40 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
This is an awesome server. I wish I could return but I made some stupid mistakes
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