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Heathen Creation | Upcoming Server | Needs Admins| Survival

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created 08/15/2011 10:13 pm by Zexanima
last reply 08/16/2011 11:14 am
What's Heathen Creation about?
- Heathen Creation is an server that I plan on having based around survival in the very sense. Things like stealing and griefing will be allowed, however puglins like Factions will dumb down people getting their houses constantly dominated by your every day griefing. This also means this will force people to join a side. RPG elements may be added into the server, and there will be an economy. Really what the finish product is depends on what the ops and I decide on during the process of building the server. Right now I'll be hosting the server through Hamachi and can't support many people. So I will be looking for two ops. The server will eventually be moved to a rented server that will allow around 12 people. The groupIt can always be expanded though if we feel the need.Of course when the server is up we will add its very own website and maybe even a youtube channel. Non premium users will be allowed.

Sounds good, why would I want to join this server over any other?

- I won't try to mislead you, I'm not TO experienced at hosting a server and my knowledge of doing so is mediocre. For that reason I'm looking for two ops to assist me in doing so. These two people will help me in giving the server purpose and utilizing a good set of plugins to make it more than just your normal survival. Our players will have goals to complete and challenges to face more than just gather wood and ore to build a house and look at a pretty pixel ocean. Though if simplicity is what they are looking for that will also be an option. In this server destruction as well as creation will be promoted. I mean, what is the point of building a complex castle for your faction if you never have to defend it. Looking at your pretty stacks of stone and glass is only entertaining for so long. Destroying, mercantile, gathering, building, leading, planing, fighting, and overall surviving. This sever will hope to offer anything minecraft can throw at us.

Alright, looks like it's worth a shot. How do I apply?

- Well of course I want to get to know the people that will be assisting me in running the server. It wouldn't be fair either to not let you know a little bit about myself. When it comes to what I look for in a person to help conduct a game I can sometimes be picky. If you're the kind of person who is dead set on making this server perfect and working on it every waking hour then just stop reading here and go back to searching the forum. While I do prize determination and a will to get work done, us server staff will want to play to right? Fooling around and slacking off now and again is absolutely required. I don't much care for your age either, but if you are 12 you better have one mature personality and be pretty damn bright for your age. Fill out the following form with your own information in place of my own.


Fill it out and leave it as a reply.

First Name: Caleb

Age: 18

Time Zone: GMT -5

IGN (In Game Name): Zexanima

Are you a premium user or do you plan to be?

Not currently premium but I do plan on buying it when I have the money. I want to get this server running first thing.

How much can you be on?

Right now I'm sitting back and enjoying life before I head off to college and a job. I can play quite often. Most every day and for at least a few hours.

Why do you find minecraft such a fun game to play?

If offers me the chance to explore my imagination in building and overcome purposed challenges. It also offers me the freedom to do what i want when I want and how I want to. If I want to build a floating house made out of wool and surrounded by lave, I can. Also, depending on who I play with it can offer some great laughs.

What makes you a good admin?

I'm willing to stop what I'm doing at any time to offer help to the other players. I try to provide a fun experience for all players. While every player will be offered the same opportunity's it wont always be fair, just like life. I'm not a 'owner' or any sort of minecraft 'god', I'm just an administrator. I consider myself just another player who is extra helpful and keeps the peace, the server belongs to the payers not me.

Do you prefer building, mining, hunting, farming, ect.?

I defiantly enjoy fighting players and mobs and destroying stuff the most. Although before destruction you have to have something to destroy. Building is also one of my favourite activities

What is your favourite minecraft item?.

Flint and Steel, all the way. Don't be surprised if you log on the server and found I've burnt down several of my buildings and maybe some other peoples too. Hehe, burning stuff is so fun.

Anything else useful to know about you?

I think I've pretty much conveyed the basics about me so far. I'm pretty easy going when it comes to gaming and like to explore every aspect of a game. If you don't know enough about me by now maybe you should read over all this stuff again

I don't think I will make a good admin but I want to see this server up and running. What can I do to help?

You can donate to the server or even start a server of your own buy using my referal link and that would help support the server.

To donate click this link: ... 2-e08a5-bb

To start your own server as a referal click this referral link:
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3 replies

08/16/2011 11:14 am
Level 1 : New Miner
First Name: Kyron

Age: 15

Time Zone: est

IGN (In Game Name):MrWimples

Are you a premium user or do you plan to be?

Not currently premium but I am waiting till the final release to buy it . ive already donated money to minecraft.

How much can you be on?

I can be on for almost half the day. but not everyday due to basketball practice.

Why do you find minecraft such a fun game to play?

In my opinion, minecraft alows me to think beyond my usual thinking. i can build things to my wildest imagination.
What makes you a good admin?

Honestly. i like to help people out and feel like each server needs a good admin that would help out in the time of need.

Do you prefer building, mining, hunting, farming, ect.?

im more of a builder. One of my greatest creations was a castle with cannons ontop the work and auto arrows around the walls which protected it from all angles.

What is your favourite minecraft item?.

Well i dont got a favorite minecraft tool because all of them are helpfull in a way. yes even gravel.

Anything else useful to know about you?

ive got skype if you need to contact me.

Well thanks for ur time, Sleak
08/16/2011 8:44 am
Level 1 : New Miner
First Name: Jin
Age: 15
Time Zone: KST -0
IGN: Jin (Sometimes Herobrine)
I am a cracked user but i plan on getting a premium account very soon, most likely within the next month or two.
I can be on for about a few hours every day, longer on weekends.
I like minecraft because it lets me roam free and has no boundaries like the real world, so i can unlock my full abilities in PvP and building.
I would make a good admin because im funny in the game, i like to help people get started, i also enjoy helping anyone, and i know some good plugins to keep the server up-to-date. I dont abuse my powers, and if i ban someone i always have a good reason, i also give several warnings before i ban people. I view my position as not a position of power but a positon to help other people as i know how hard it is to get started.
I absolutely adore PvP, though i do not overuse it do not be surprised if ive killed a few people and their angry about it, i dont do it to be mean and i always give them their items back. I also love farming and growing crops, i usually make a public farm for the server, which provides food and a reliable source of seeds, which in turn players can make thier own farms with.
My most favourite is Flint and Steel, no question, i love burning things and like zexamina, dont be surprised if you log onto the server and find that ive burnt down something and im trying to rebuild it before the others get pissed xD, i dont burn major buildings, mainly just random buildings ive made.
Yes, i love minecraft and i am a server manager myself, my server has been up since Alpha 1.2. So i know the day to day requests of players and how to manage a server.
08/15/2011 10:13 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Technomancer
The reason I posted this in Hamachi is because as of now it is running on Hamachi

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