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Helix Roleplay // Helix Network - Looking For Staff!

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created 08/18/2018 5:21 pm by T3tr3x
last reply 08/20/2018 11:19 pm

Thread for staff
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HelixRP is one of the most immersive and unique role-play experiences to ever come across the Minecraft community with a massive city including banks, restaurants, black market sewers, legal offices, police, military and so much more! Everything and some has been planned and is being implemented! With over 480 guns in the game, and tons of different and unique drugs and drinks, The black market is limitless and growing further and further everyday! The cars you drive were made specifically for HelixRP, and you won't see them ANYWHERE else! We have massive farm land areas, even Industrial farms, and much much more. Yet, There're many more amazing things you could do in HelixRP but if you do have any questions, feel free to ask in our discord :)

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Level 2 : Apprentice Network

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08/20/2018 11:19 pm
Level 2 Apprentice Network
Updated HelixRP Description:

HelixRP is the most immersive game mode to ever come across the Minecraft community, It is the next step in the so-called “Minecraft Role-play” as we know it. Start your life in the in the massive cities across the world, From Helix Circle to Avalon, or South Hill, There are simply no limits. Start your company in world capital and build your money empire with your own employees as well as services and custom items. Buy your mansion in Avalon Heights or rent an apartment in Helix Circle. Join the black market, trading guns, drugs and alcohol while also building your crime organization or mafia. Farm lands are massive, and a great way to get there is via a custom modeled car. Within HelixRP, It’s you against the world.. Unless of course you have a family? Regardless of the odds, What will you do in HelixRP?
08/20/2018 1:44 am
Level 2 Apprentice Network
Some positions have been filled...




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