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Hello! My name is Perk and I would like to offer You assistance!

submitted 09/20/2017 11:44 pm by Perk-A_Holics
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Hello Everyone!

My name is Joel but I am also known as Perk-A-Holics, but you can just call me Perk for short. I am a moderation expert across many servers and putting myself out there to find a new server I wish to call home. I am 17 years old and I will be turning 18 on the 27th of September, which is kinda scary I guess. I work part time at a restaurant and the hours I work are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday starting around 4pm to 9/10pm EST/UTC+4.


My acquired skills are plugin management. You got a plugin? Don't know how to install it or how it works? Well I am the guy to help you with that. I don't even need access to console or any valuable files. We could screen share through discord or call the choice is up to you. Then I can instruct you on how to solve any problem.

I know how to maintain server staff and players to keep a nice family friendly environment for all who come. With any mishaps I screenshot or record and keep files in my own personal records. I also have my punishments fair and to the point. I like to think of the "Divine Comedy" By Dante Alighieri for sorting out punishments to make it fit the crime.

I also do a little building. Here is a small portfolio of what I did a few years ago though I can find files on my old computer to transfer to you if you would like to see more.

Personal Information

I am a musician and I love to write songs on piano that have a classical feel to it.

I love to play videogames such as GTA V, Rainbow Six Siege, Destiny 1 and 2, Any Call of Duty, Minecraft (Duh), Rocket League, Overwatch, Friday The 13th the Game, and so on.

I am sorta a perfectionist and like to complete any task(s) to the best of my ability.

I also like to share a good laugh with anyone and everyone to be hinest probably 75% of the conversations I have I make the other person laugh.

Contact Information

So of course you cant contact me here at my Planet Minecraft Account which is https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/perk-a_holics/

You can also contact me by replying to this thread down below.

My discord information is @Perkaholics#8512

You can also Join My discord server! https://discord.gg/GtCQwvy

My email is [email protected] feel free to email me with any questions!
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