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Help me help the ones who struggle with advertising their servers

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created 10/06/2018 3:38 pm by Annelienrens
Hi, I've been wanting to do this for about 4 months now.

I had an epic role play server with the most amazing builds that I put so much work in to, but then when I launched it, absolutely no one even joined or knew about it. Then I started to get myself banned from popular servers just to advertise my server but yet again no one joined. Then one Friday afternoon I just decided that I am going to create a server that anyone can use to advertise their servers or to find the perfect server. And at the same time also be a role play server.

So that is why I need your help to build an amazing server. ( And just randomly without thinking it through -out of excitement- I accidentally deleted the role play map -_-

The Discord (you can get the server IP here, just ask)

Thanks for reading and I hope you will decide to support this!

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