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Hexagon survival! [survive on hexagon land]

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created 12/19/2018 8:23 am by Azrath
Hello PMC!

Long time no see... so I am currently working on survival server with custom map in mind. Custom map is named "Phain" and if you want to check it out I will leave the link to the map maker down bellow! Anyways I do not plan on going big or anything just wanted to ask if anyone is up for simple Minecraft survival experience on a bit different world?

The map is really big and interesting and I would like to see people survive... on a bit different land then what they are used to. The survival includes well simple survival experience, no server shops but rather player run economy. What I mean by that is that the Vault plugin IS here, the plugin for shops IS here but there wont be any "pre-made" shops, rather player will have options to create their own shops, their own prices and designs.

I have in plan to occupy few hexagons in order to make 1-3 plots for players to buy/claim and make a shop there. It would be something like shops in RPG games where you randomly stumble upon an NPC merchant or something similar to that with different items and prices. Look at it as a small community where players can have houses near the shops and maybe develop even a small town or community around those "plot" lands.

Currently there is no protection plugin as I am looking for one as I am not able to run GriefPrevention on my server for some weird reason. There are some basic plugins to make your life easier, like just simple commands for setting home and telephoning players to and around the world, as well as random teleport to place you somewhere new.

PvP will be off BUT I have in play to enable it BUT it will not be all free PvP zone. I have in plan to make it so you can PvP with others BUT you first either have to send the duel request or accept it to be able to fight or kill someone. This idea is still in plan as I am not that big of a fan of PvP but I know some like it so I consider all of my options.

Donations for server... will be kind of non existent. I plan to make donations absolutely optional(as said before I do not plan on big server thus I can pay for small hosting fee) but there will be way to donate and support server too but there will be min you can donate and then only more and no matter if you donate 5$ or 50$ you will still recieve what others who donated have and by that I mean just some visual commands, nothing game breaking, no items.

Anyways that is just a small bit of text to get you to know what I plan to release soon so if you are interested I guess subscribe to me here on PMC to know when I post server on my profile(and ill update this thread too) and to jump in, check it out, stay, play, leave the rest is up to you.

Map and map maker:
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