Highly Experienced Admin/Co-Owner Looking For Server

Pop-Lunatic1/28/17 7:31 pm
1/28/2017 8:05 pm
Hi my Name is poplunatic And i am a very experienced admin/co-owner or whatever rank you would like me to be.
Here is my app

Ign: Poplunatic


Skype: Poplunatic03

Experience: as i said in the title i am very experienced i have owned many servers before and they have done great. I have also made my way from helper up to co owner with all my dedication and hard work.

What I can do to help your server: If you are a brand new server i can help you create ranks and permissions and i am also a pretty good builder so i can help you build you server. I am also very friendly and i love helping people and catching hackers.

What can i do: Well i am very good at permissonsex and i am also pretty good at groupmanager and i know most of the commands and i am also pretty good at building all i need is an idea and i can make that idea come to life. I can turn your server from nothing to something.

Availability: I will be able to be on about 3-4 hours a day!

Minecraft Experience: I know alot about minecraft i have been playing it for about 3-4 years now so i am better than some people

Thats all Thx Either contact me on skype or leave ip down below and i will try to check out your server ASAP
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01/28/2017 8:05 pm
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If you are very experienced, wouldn't you know more than a couple permissions plugins and how to build(pics)? "most of the commands" is a rather vague term that either references just the permissions plugins (an admin pitching his experience should know more than two of the easier and more basic plugins) or all commands in general, which I somewhat doubt. You'd need a better sales pitch to be convincing when you say you will turn someone's server from "nothing to something". It's also generally not a good idea to start off with the connotation that the server you intend to work with is nothing and that you alone will make it something. "Better than some people" doesn't actually say anything.

You say you have a lot of experience, but you don't mention much of what you have experience with beyond "servers". Without context and detail, it's easy to fake "owning many servers before" and especially "they have done great". What were the IP's? Do you have their sites? If they did so great, why did they shut down/why are you trying to be staff somewhere else?

The app is very short and goes below the requirements of quite a few threads in this forum.There's a lot of unverifiable "I'm a great guy" supplemented with knowledge of a few common plugins.

What more can you offer in terms of your skillset?
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