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Hiring anyone willing to contribute knowledge and time~

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created 01/31/2017 9:32 am by PotatoesNGravy
Welcome to this hiring thread and thank you for your interest and time to read what I have below.

Server: I will describe the type of mc server.
I plan on either going through with one or both of these idk yet, but one is a Generic Minecraft 1.11 Spigot Anti-pvp Fun Friendly service where hopefully we can create a nice community and pleasant experience for any member that stumbles upon. Basically the same for the tekkit legends as well, but obviously legends differs from the regular mc so, yeah.

My Experience: I've hosted hexxit, tekkit classic, bukkit, spigot, tekkit legends, big dig, b-team, and I want to say one other in my previous dealing but I'm by no means an expert. I can build if needed but I'm no fancy architect. I do have a job so I can pay the server myself but do plan on including means of donations. I have a little bit of photoshop knowledge that I use sometimes to make mc server banners,but nothing special.

What I seek:
I'm willing to hire anything from Beta Tester to Mod to builder etc. I should state that I'm not offering any monetary compensation so if you're here to solicit paid services please do not waste my time.

I'm looking for active mature people who are familiar with most plugins, //bonus points if you have alot of experience with skript//, like worldedit griefprevention citizens.

I'm open to any ideas you have for my server you wish to give but at the end of the day it is MY server so dont feel offended if I dont implement your idea.

Post your app below, and any info you feel I may need to know about you etc.
Also accepting pms and contact through skype (Crystacune)
Also open to ideas for other types of servers to make, however pvp/factions based are a big no for me, sorry!!
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