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created 07/21/2016 7:06 am by jordan ireland
last reply 07/21/2016 8:17 am
Hey guys i need all the staff i can get to make a popular server!
builders NEEDED
Getting domain soon
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jordan ireland
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner

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07/21/2016 8:17 am
Level 11 : Journeyman Network
I would be interested in the Co-Owner Management position.

Real Name: Robert, Bob if you prefer.

Age: 19

Country: United States of America

Timezone: (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Birthday (m/d/y): April-4-1997

Skype Username: CrumpetBobner

About your self: Hello, my name is Robert. I'm a 19-year-old Minecraft geek who takes great pride in my own accomplishments because I invest my time and talent into them. I'm a hard worker and get along with the people I work alongside and the people I'm hired to serve. I won't slap talk my boss or engage in heated arguments. I contribute to the server and I make friends within its community. I'm mature I won't swear / badmouth or use inappropriate humor. I will make sure that I do my part and complete the tasks I'm assigned.

What staff rank are you taking?: My preference is the Co-Owner and Head-Admin positions.

Why do you want that staff rank?: I am a leader, I will make sure everyone works hard without overtaxing anyone. I respect everyone I work alongside, I want everyone to feel proud about working alongside me so we can provide the most efficient progress as a team. I will make sure people know what I want to accomplish so we can avoid any confusion. I will be understanding and reasonable and I will hold everyone to the same standard regardless of my expectations.

Why you want to get accepted on our Staff Team?: I took my time writing this application, I want to get accepted so I can begin working.

Are you useful? (Y/N): Yes.

IGN: CrumpetBobner

How many hours do you play per day?: 1-4 hours

Since when you start playing minecraft?: I can't remember, around the 1.5 updates.

A player is asking help, what are you going to do?: Ask him what he needs help with, decide if I need to intervene. If I do intervene, help him to the best of my ability.

A player is spamming the chat, what are you going to do?: Mute him for a minute, then while he's muted, warn him about more severe punishments.

A player is speaking other languages, what are you going to do?: Nothing, it's a different language. Unless this is somehow against your rules.(P.S. I run foreign languages through google translate to determine if it needs to be dealt with.)

A player is reporting player 2 for hacking, what are you going to do?: Determine if the player has any real evidence against player (2), if so, ban the hacker, if not, remind the player to take screenshots.

A player is making false report, what are you going to do?: Tear down his report piece by piece and make sure he receives proper punishment.

How do you treat players nicely?: Welcome them, engage in friendly conversation. Help them out frequently and always trust them until something is proven against them.

A player is advertising another server in our server, what are you going to do?: Mute him, then warn him, if he continues then it's obvious he has no interest in playing our server so I would ban him for a day or so.

A player is insulting our server, what are you going to do?: Ask him politely to stop, if he continues mute him in half hour increments.

A forum user is spamming our forum, what are you going to do?: Ban him from the forum.

A forum user is insulting our server, what are you going to do?: Remove his posts, ban him from the forum.

A forum user breaks the forum rules, what are you going to do?: Deal out punishment according to what rule he/she has broken.

This is an old application I made for monarch factions.
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