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Horizon - A unique survival server with plenty of RPG elements (Beta testing)

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created 03/20/2019 6:41 pm by Whispering_Echo
last reply 03/23/2019 3:42 pm
Server IP:

Some of the server's features:

1: Custom items and mobs, each with unique attributes
2: Random events will occur as you explore the world (EG: Blood moon, thunderstorms, etc)
3: Classes, each with their own abilities that you can upgrade and use

and much more, come on and experience it yourself!

I am here to announce that Horizon Survival Server is finally going into its beta, playtesting stage. This stage will start now and will end on Friday 3 PM (GMT).

Any players who have been on and playing between now and then, for at least 3 hours, will be awarded a beta tester kit (Quality: Rare, with unique attributes and abilities) in-game and a rank in Discord as a thank you gift from the administration team.

The main point of doing so is to ensure that any bugs and suggestions are fixed and implemented into the server before our official release on Friday. Your participation in this means a lot to us and I hope to see you all on the server soon.

Server IP:
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Level 16 : Journeyman Network

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03/23/2019 3:42 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Network

*Update 1.1 - 3 new craftable items*
1: Fire Essence (For forging the items below)
2: HellFire - Rare spear with high elemental damage
3: Thornmail - Slightly better than diamond armour but slows and heavily damages enemies that are damaging you (Slowing effect has a cooldown)

Please find the crafting recipe of Fire Essense below, the other items' recipes can be found in the advanced crafting bench (Open it by shift right clicking on a normal crafting bench)

^Normal Bench
03/22/2019 2:42 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Network

*Update 1.0*
1: The amount of money that mobs drop have been increased from 1-3 to 3-5.
2: The vote party now gives a fixed 1000 in-game currency and a gears crate key at every 15 votes.
3: Bloodmoon event has been disabled until bloodmoon zombies' spawning algorithm's fixed.
4: Increased the amount of money in hourly reward, from 20 to 50.
5: Added /sell , to sell junk that you may own. (Most items are sellable, if an exploit is found, please report it immediately)
6: Allocated more RAM for the server, from 4GB to 16GB.
7: Introduced new custom weapons into gears crate.
8: Added /donate , by doing so, you can gift the item that you are holding in your hand to the targeted player without getting to him physically.
9: Fixed /discord , now it will correctly display the link to our server.
10: Added /buy , a way to donate to the server and help with its maintenance, details can be found by doing the command above.
11: Added /playtime , just so players can check how long they have been playing on the server since their first join.
12: Added in auctions, players will now be able to start an auction or bid in one by using an in-game GUI / using commands.

Mouse binding for operating in the auction GUI:(edited)

Or alternatively, you could use the commands below:

/auc - open the main auction menu
/auc bid <auction ID> [amount] - place a bid
/auc start [quantity] [price] [increment] [duration] - start an auction

More custom weapons/consumables will be pushed out once in a while, between now and the next patch.
03/21/2019 1:24 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Network

*Update - B0.1*
1: Players will now receive a message when they have entered/left the spawn area.
2: Mobs will no longer spawn within the spawn area.
3: Players will no longer take damage from any source within the spawn area.
4: A hologram has been added at spawn to display server's total vote and vote needed for a vote party.
5: The starter dagger's movement speed bonus have been removed (If you own the old version, you can keep it or request a swap by opening a support ticket.)
6: A golden shovel has been added to the starter kit, for claiming lands. (If you wish to get one, please open a support ticket/contact a member of staff in game)
7: Added in a new way of earning money: Killing hostile mobs will 100% drop you 1-3 in-game money. (They drop physical coins, so please don't forget to pick it up and it will be automatically added to your balance)
8: Nerfed gas explosions' rate of occurrence from 5% to 3%.
9: Added the permission to do /msg for every group.
10: Added a craftable skill scroll (Breaks after 1 use) for the skill 'Blink'.

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