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[1.4.6][Survival]Horizon Gaming *Anti-Griefing*[Towny][24/7

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created 12/30/2012 6:53 pm by blazee15

Hello fellow Minecraft Player,
Today I come to you about Horizon Gaming official release of our Minecraft Server.

Our goal is to become one of the biggest English community there is not just in minecraft but in other games also. I personally miss playing on a friendly non advantage minecraft server so this is why I decided to create HzG Minecraft, to give everyone the chance to play fair in a friendly environment. We have several Features here is the following features

Towny is a special town for your friends to protect them from people who is willing to kill you. You can buy plots and sell land. For a town email [email protected] with your name, town members and why do you want a town

You may earn money by selling items, use /sell to sell items

Alright here are our rules

Stealing & Griefing is not tolerated
PVP is allowed
Do not make 1x1 blocks up to the sky
Use of any illegal modifications will lead you to be banned
Hacking will be a permanent ban
Do not vandalize any town slots.
Spawn Killing isn't allowed
Do not spam

If any of those rules are broken then you will possibly be jailed or banned (Depending on how big was the problem)

Our Staff team is very mature and have loads of knowledge in minecraft & bukkit. They will always be there to assist.
So join Horizon Gaming today for loads of fun and a entertainment


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Teamspeak 3:

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