How to attract new players on your Minecraft server

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Since many administrators are struggling to find players for their server, I decided to create a small topic. I'm sorry if it is not in the right section but, I have not found a better place.

The solution: a site with lists of Minecraft servers.

They are listing all IP addresses for Minecraft servers, and can be found on Google by typing "minecraft server."

You will find sites like minecraftservers.org or minecraft-server-list.com that are most popular.

However, I suggest you to subscribe to the free sites that directly display the IP of Minecraft servers on their home page and in particular for those who just opened, such as minecraft server ip .

I found this young website (there are many) that seems pretty well optimized for Google SEO so this is the time to enjoy it because there are very few registered servers and the site rarely appears in Google.

To increase my ranking, I just submitted my Minecraft PVP server and it has 10 votes.

This is the kind of site that should be targeted to increase your chances of appearing on the first page of Google in the coming weeks.

This topic is intended to find new sites for Minecraft servers.

I will modify this topic whenever a member uploads a new website address.

Then, I'll post the chance/percentage that the site would appear in the first page on Google using the keywords "minecraft server" according to my analysis of SEO.

Good luck !
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