How to give your self command_line and access to command blocks on Aternos Free Servers for Bedrock

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skythrusters started 11/2/20 3:25 am
ZonkedCompanion replied 11/2/2020 8:07 am
Login to your free Aternos Server, then follow the following steps.

1. In the options tab, enable White List and Allow Cheats

2 In the players tab, click Whitelist option and add your minecraft game name

2. In the players tab, click the OP option and add your minecraft game name.

3. In the files tab, click the Server.Properties file
NOTES (You need to have already generated a world or uploaded a working world. Note: Official MineCraft Store World Templates do not work on Anteros)

5. In the Server.Properties window, make sure that Cheats and Whitelist are enabled.

Then scroll down until you see - Default player permission level

Change the Default Player Permission Level to Operator

6. Go to the Server tab and start your server and enter your world on Minecraft like normal.

7. Once in Minecraft you will have normal command line options available, along with server commands that you do not normally see in Minecraft.

8. Once in the game, use the command_line (aka the back-slash / ) and set the game mode via a game mode command to either Survival, Adventure, Spectator, or Creative. You will retain your OP and Command Lines regardless of which game mode you choose.

9. To give yourself a command block. Enter the command_line area of the game (chat box with a back slash) and use your full name when entering the command.

/give yourowngamename command_block

and then press enter. You can also give yourself up to 5 blocks by adding a 5 at the end.

/give SkyThrusters command_block 5
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11/02/2020 6:39 am
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And every player who joins will have operator perms. Sounds like a great idea.
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Are you familiar with the Bedrock Servers on Aternos, or just making an assumption based on general servers of Minecraft?
Under the Share tab in the server control panel anyone added can be restricted to specific server features.
Additionally, only players who are added as OPs in the Players Tab are OPs. All other players are added to the general Whitelist which only allows them to engage as normal members, which is the default in the Server.Properties.

Or in other words, the only thing being done as described in the directions provided is unlimiting OPs in Server.Properties file giving them OPs access.

Do a Google Search and you will find people asking how to obtain Command_Line access or obtain Command_Blocks going back as far as 2016 with no solutions. I am providing the first written solution for this issue.

It may make more since in the YouTube video https://youtu.be/Eaid5xKMXL0
If you know of another way for OPs to gain access to command line in the Aternos Server for Bedrock, please feel free to post it.
11/02/2020 8:07 am
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Never used free hosting, but what I do know is:

# Permission level for new players joining for the first time.
# Allowed values: "visitor", "member", "operator"

So yeah, I'm working on the assumption that if you change this value to operator then players who join will be given operator permissions - which is a dodgy idea if you aren't using a whitelist.

Fair doo's for figuring this out though, if like you say nobody has done it before.
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