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Huge Bungee server - NEED DEVELOPERS!!!!!!!!

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created 11/06/2017 6:27 pm by LamoidZombieDog
Hello! Im lamoid, ive owned a Bungeecord Network server which evolved from a vanilla server, for over 5 years now, ive had a bad experience mostly owning it as it always had issues... so let me tell you the story!

It began when i discovered i could own a server, i hosted one on my personal PC to run for friends, i didnt know how to install plugins so i just had people use it as a vanilla server! i always paid to host servers that were all outdated hoping to make a prison server, that failed.... i hosted it on a 24/7 Dedicated host Server in my house which i still do now, but one day 3 years ago i relised... SPIGOT, as thats what the hosts used, i did some research, and made my server spigot! installed plugins, made it half creative, half skyblock and half crap prison, it was a crappy server with 23 people all time top, normaly 5 or so at a time... i decided i wanted bungeecord, so i set up 8 Servers which i have now dedicated host, and bungeed them! i tried making a server with people 5 times and it all failed so i gave up... im finaly comeing back once again to do it 100% by my self with no one to interupt me, but theres one thing i need! coding developers! regular devs do help too for configureing tho.... If these things apply to you, please continue reading!

-You understand you wont ever get acess to console as of now due to the setup
-You Understand you will need to be devoted to the server
-You currently dont go to school, or have a lot of time and can be on during the day on weekdays

if those things apply, congrats! you can apply! the forums has been closed for now as i dont know where i will host it next, So please Fill out the question list below, then join this discord: And paste Your Application in chat as well as Sending me an @ (paste @╲⎝⧹Lamøid⧸⎠╱#6832 Above your Application to @ Me!)
heres the Application:

First name (optional):






Are you willing to talk via discord with your mic?:

How many hours (estimated) total can you be on weekdays?:

How many Hours (estimated) Total can you be on weekends?:

Do you have any Developer Experience?:

What is The Best way to contact you?:

How are you better then the other Devs?:

What can you bring to Lamoids Kingdom?:

are you fluent in english?:

Are you fluent in spanish(No we are not a spanish server)?:

Can you Code Spigot or Bukkit MC Plugins?

Thankyou for all your time!
LamoidZombieDog, LamoidsKingdom
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