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created 08/31/2014 2:45 pm by twinightcreep0
Hey guys,
Today I am advertising for a server which will soon be set up.
Its called "TheJellyNetwork"
TheJellyNetwork is a fun, Community mini game server.
We try our hardest to put something that everyone will like into our server and if you want to request anything, you will be able to request it on the website(Coming Soon!)
The server is not actually up yet as there are a few things which need to be done but when we open we are hoping to have 3 mini games up. These will be:
Hunger Games and
TnT Run.
As the server becomes more popular, we will add more mini games and more maps.
The money that you donate to buy extras and awesome bonuses, will help us add more RAM to the server and we can make more things.
If you are interested in the server, please comment down below.

There Will also be a competition soon that i will add on the bottom of this thread, where you can win Extra Cool prizes and Features for the server.
So Get typing down below and tell me if you're interested.
Thanks for your time,
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