Immersive RPG Server looking for Staff |ALL positions open|

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OceansRythme started 09/10/2013 10:04 am
_zertyfire_ replied 09/10/2013 11:02 pm
Alright well I'll just get straight to it.


Currently, I am working on creating an expansive world to be the foundation of a highly emmersive, highly detailed, RPG server. We will be working with either client side mods or an alternative such as spout to add exclusive content into our game. I do not wish to release further information as this is still in the planning phase. More will be explained to the people who are interested/ get accepted to join the team.

You can either personally message me or reply to this topic here. Over all I would prefer a PM though. In your application I would like you to start off with a little intro to yourself, so I can see what your personality might be like. I would like to see evidence of your skill pertaining to the staff position you are applying for, on this server we are going to strive for quality in every aspect, so I highly suggest you add a reference to your work in your application, with out references, it is highly unlikely you will be accepted. After that, give me any other relevant info you deem reasonable to present, show me that you are willing to stick with us through thick and thin, and that this is where you want to be. Oh and if you have skype, that'd be convenient.


Keep in mind that since we are still in the planning phase, a few of you will not be able to start work for a while.

Staff openings: (more positions will be available in the future

Redstoner: 2/x positions

Must have experience with advanced contraptions, we plan on adding complicated areas in our map.

Plugin writer/manager: 2/x positions

Must have experience with various types of plugins ranging from bungeecord to small ingame additions.

Storyboard/Lore writer: 2/x positions

Will be in charge of...storyboards and lore.

Texture Artist/ 3D Modeller: 1/x positions

Will be in charge of making new models for additions into the game as well as texturing the models, blocks and items. All textures will be 16x16 as to match the default look.

Other staff positions will be added at a later date such as ingame moderators etc.
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09/10/2013 11:02 pm
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I would like to apply for a Redstoner/Builder type of work, and once the server is set up, be a server moderator/admin. I feel that I know redstone well enough to contribute, but a partner redstoner/builder would be appreciated. As an admin or moderator, I am mature and will enforce the rules in an appropriate manner. I believe that this server has true potential, and if I am wrong, I believe that I can bring it up to that level.Thank you for taking the time to review my app. If I am chosen, I will dedicate myself to this server.
IGN: _zertyfire_
Skype:raphaisawesome (however please note that I am almost never available for calling.)
Again thank you.
09/10/2013 11:31 am
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Story board writer app:
IGN I_Am_Moustache
I love story writing its a lot of fun anyhoo im kind have a good sense of humor loooove to read (it helps me whith ideas)sorry got no Skype because of parents. But i love pixel art and building creations so yeah thats about it...
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