Immortal Kombat Wars & Peaces of the Worlds Tournaments #IKWPW1

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Read on for an invite from AGILE MUltiversity to the most wondrous of tournaments between all the worlds. We use a variety of plugins and healthy and heavy mixture of building, creation, diplomacy, economy, politics, story, & survival for a unique experience. Below are the details for our first tournament season.


An epic challenge involving all skills from world creation, building, crafting, combat, economy, storytelling, mass organization, survival, pvp, diplomacy, trickery and more. Tournament grant prize is a wish on par with those granted by the 7 Dragon Balls--they may create or destroy a world from the server. If your character's homeworld is lost in this way then you and all others from that world are exiles in the worlds of others until you can win a future tournament to wish your world back or raise the unfathomable amount of server $ through jobs and trade to buy a slot. Here's how it works:

PHASE 1 where teams create their own worlds using whatever means they choose (e.g. World Edit, World Painter, creative in Vanilla MC, strict survival in vanilla MC, etc.).
-world must be compatible with 1.13.1 and not require any mods to run
-"teams" of 1 are okay but not recommended
-all qualifying servers are uploaded immediately to the server to prepare for phase two
PHASE 2 lasts two weeks of open survival mode on the server with spontaneous portals between the worlds open and facilitated events (by admins/game masters) occur. This is the phase of relations.
PHASE 3 lines in the sand are drawn in the tournament that forces a battle royale between the worlds, 1 day
PHASE 4 initial stages of tournament war, 6 days
PHASE 5 cessation of hostilities between the worlds and reprieve of Samhain / Halloween festivities, 3 days
PHASE 6 conclusions of tournament, wars & peaces
PHASE 7 two wishes are granted, will they be used to create or destroy?
PHASE 8 The cycle begins anew

Two teams win wishes, one for each category:
1) Best world (by PMC votes on map project page)
2) Best diplomat OR biggest stick (by whoever conquers all others or brokers final peace treaty)

Schedule for grand opening tournament #IKWPW1
October 7th 11:59PM DEADLINE TO SUBMIT world by posting VIA COMMENT a link you PMC page containing download link -all qualifying servers are uploaded immediately to the server to prepare for phase two
October 8th - 22nd: Initial free interactions among worlds, as decided by freeplay roleplay according to characters' worlds
October 23rd: lines are drawn
October 24th - 29th: round 1
October 30th - November 1st:
November 2nd-6th: round 2
November 7th: two wishes are granted

We are looking for all manner of submissions and also looking for volunteer judges and major battle observers and videographers.

Please post any comments, suggestions, or questions to this thread.

Thank you for reading, we look forward to seeing how (y)our world(s) unfold!

AGILE Multiversity

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