INTENSE SURVIVAL CHALLENGE 256x256 block play area

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Bored? Good, because come check out this server!

This "INTENSE SURVIVAL CHALLENGE" is meant for good fun and to be the most powerful player.
The world was generate back in Minecraft Version "Indev" (8 years ago) so the world is only 256 blocks in each XYZ axis, so be careful... you don't know who is hunting you down.

-Your goal should be to be the powerhouse, the dominating player who rules the world!

- You could say this is a hunger games type event however, with unlimited respawns and a smaller play area.

[To be Successful]
- Kill or be Killed!
- Mine and farm, make sure you have plenty of food and resources!
- Be on a watch for players! (Some of which are aggressive!)

[To be Un-Successful]
- Build giant towers.
- Spend the whole time fishing.
- Spamming for staff. (Staff hunters will be prosecuted)

- Be respectful in chat!
- Do not build on/destroy other people's structures without their permission. (However you may steal!)
- Do not cheat in any way! (NCP installed :D)
- Do not spam or advertise in any way!

SERVER IP: mcmp.tk

Max Players = 50
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