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1/14/2016 11:40 am
Island-pvp is not lot different to other Minecraft PvP servers. Its a mix between a Skyblock server and a Survival Island, As the island that you start off with looks like a part from Skyblock but as it is surrounded by a lot of water and other little island, this makes it morelike a survival island.

When you first join our servers, you will be in the spawn area thats in the same world as your new skyblock island. Here you can go to the different sections of the game and choose what you wish to do. There are a few portals that will take your player to different parts of our game. These portals will take you to skyblock places like the PvP maps, Mining pits and more you can even Kill The Dragon!

There is also a shop at spawn where you can buy things for your island to help your player and team mates survive. We have added a few plugins to help you make money to purchase things from players and the shops. We have made it so that items can be sold by doing "/sell" so that you can sell what your are holding in your hand all at the same time. Also visit shops that players have made, the shop at spawn and if you donate to a VIP rank on the gameserver then you can go to our VIP shops that are held in the End also 10-20% off all that you buy at the normal and vip shops.

At https://www.Skyblock.nl, we have a good team of admins and moderators that will be able to help you.

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CooooL i love pvp ill join now =D
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