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🍀 Its About To Flower! | 24✔️7 | ULTIMATE⚡SMP⚡Adventure⚡for⚡ALL | 1.11.X - 1.12.X

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created 03/10/2018 3:29 pm by McMuffin1234
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Have you ever wondered that you could belong somewhere?.. Part of a family?


is a brand new ranking survival build server! If you're looking for a good, active community SMP server, then look no further!

To look over on our ascendancy's world -- Everforge, you can do pretty much anything SMP related as you please for looong as you work up to it. It's basically gained pace after every existing pace will result you a rewarding experience to jump up the rankings. Every step you make -- counts as your way with experience to achieving newer status of your ambition. Every gem has unique abilities from their different color group(s) while having similar abilities to their similar color group. It may depend on color and strength. You can rank up as if it were a staff team: siding by the community; and also as if you were a rebel: who can rank up alone by collecting certain items.

We have friendly staff who deem/show fair gameplay to ensure that our world and the players within it are safe and contented. And to speak of such content, we provide as well as host a 'Role-play: Storyline Adventure' Survival Build server. After all, it may actually be a custom survival multiplayer server with a ranking class system. You may not fight other players without their permission. But of course, you can ask them for permission to; set up a duel to fight in a specific place; set up a treaty so that you can fight with them either 'anytime' or fight with them 'knowingly' to prepare a full-on fight with you. Treaties must be confirmed by an admin.

What we would like introduce to you, is a unique gaming experience you may find interesting -- for there are more options and more abilities that you can earn and tons more where you would have to work your way up to. From challenge to challenge and from current tier to a higher tier.

This is something I want to do. Etheric Ascendancy has the most similar ideas that relate as progessively as the Annoying Villagers series' villager organization/colony/kingdom and Steven Universe by specific means!

Here is an example of a video by MrFudgeMonkeyz:
With your interest in this sort of military-clan element of "colonies" and "order", I will ensure that your journey within the ascendancy to run as smooth as it meets to your competence.

We have an easy directed villagershop system, where you can trade minerals such as Coal, Redstone, Lapis, Iron, Gold, and Diamond Blocks for other minerals or emeralds. It is located at /spawn.

These villagers at the surface area of spawn have practical-crafting trades.

There are several crafting recipes so-played as 'Shulker Boxes' in villager trades. You even get your workbench back after trading the items including it. We try to sort out the crafting recipes in a legitimate way of trading in a villager GUI as practical crafting.

These are all crafting recipes for a Powerboost Key

Any of them can make a Powerboost Key

A Powerboost Key is a part of trade that can be used to give yourself a Powerboost Gateway as an enchanted book. A Powerboost Gateway is a book of colossal power that can be sacrificed to upgrade you one tier than your current tier before even using the enchanted book. You can trade a Powerboost Gateway for a Command Block which is the only sellable item in the game. It will give you 1 point/money which you can collect to have enough points for ranking up to the next tier using a sign found in the legion room.

You can even craft mob spawners, although it takes a very neat and simple process to make them. It is throughout getting all needed resources to make mob spawners functional. But, you'll need to be in one of the 2nd to lowest rank(Advanced Class AKA The 2nd-Tier) To be able to receive Spawners once you've mined them with Silk Touch. A few more perks like those -- also goes with the advanced classes. You can even get better gear as you work your way up.

For more information on our crafting recipes, please see our project: Click Here!

We also have some rules that we expect you to be highly respectful of.

[1] No Mods/Hacks: Any type of client or mod that would help you attain an unfair advantage against legit players. Your account(s) are your own responsibility.

[2] No Griefing: Building any unessential structures(e.g. dirt houses, 1x1 towers), any inappropriate structures(e.g. nazi symbols, symbols of racism, private parts), cobblemonstering admin claimed areas, and any act that lags the server(e.g. 40x40 TNT) are not allowed. Breaking through obsidian that is not placed by you or any other members of your group will be considered as griefing.

[3] No Trolling: Any forms of trolling that purposely offends a player in a really harsh way is not tolerated. (This includes irritating a player with harmful intentions) We want our players to be treated as the same way you probably would like to be treated back.

[4] No Base Harboring: No controlling over any player's base, ESPECIALLY a Diamond's; this means you may not edit/grief/build inside and NOT EVEN within a 50 blocks of their base WITHOUT their permission. We'd like people to have the same mindset of intent in customizing their house, bunker, yards, or even fortresses to whatever they'd like -- as long as it's not inappropriate.

[5] No Advertising: Do not mention any other server IPs in the chat, signs, or even through /msg. However, you can invite a friend by sharing the server IP through Discord or Skype.

[6] No Spamming: Typing and submitting text in the chat and commands constantly is not tolerated.

[7] No Racism/Swearing/Cursing: Do not express any form of racism and swearing. It is also referred to "bad language".

[8] No Cheating: You may not fly whilst in pvp. You may not cheat in items throughout anyone's or your survival gameplay. Kits are accessible.

[9] Controversial topics should be kept to a minimum. Healthy discussions are just fine.

More of our important rules are found in our Discord! See bottom of Forum Page.


🍀Are we looking for staff?🍀

We target primarily to active players (noting in example) that they have spent at least a minimum of 4-6 hours per week. It shall be noted that after spending 1 month in ((this "active" condition)), they will be invited to apply for the position of 'moderator'.
We wish to not infringe the rights of anyone to join our community or "forcing" them, for they all have a chance to 'bring way' to the reasons of all their interests in content. Your moments are the finest of your imaginations which your minds are capable of concluding into the real world into any world. Not withdrawn by any limit or confusion, we form groups of clear and realistic individuality with players as their source.
We want our staff as active as possible, as mature as a sane teen would prompt, as qualified to content everyone else.

-Owner, Whirus
《◆》Whirus (Green Diamond)
《◇》Tempe8608 (Paris Diamond)
《◆》Grazer (Red Grandpa Diamond)
《◇》BuenoQuartz (Pink Diamond)
《◆》TNT_YT (Hot-Orange Diamond)
《◆》FrostDiamond_Shy (Frost Diamond)
《◇》Dai (Arctic Diamond)

《◇》Popleoma (Cobalt Diamond)


Our Etheric is looking for mature, serious players and builders who want to enjoy a fun, relaxing SMP community experience. Etheric Ascendancy involves an SU-Themed environment that allows us to really try -- and make our worlds of creations just as everlasting to forge many adventures of various types for people of expressive color. It is as lively as to build the experience of your needs willed by your efforts each day.

"Everlasting friendships that can forge the prime of every person's experience -- to take on every adventure out there."

"You are just what we need, but is this what you really want?" -- Seriously, it's not fun if there are no players around. xD :/

Our Discord Community:

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