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Join AncientRP today! Recruiting staff and players!

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created 01/04/2018 2:50 pm by GamingSkeleton3
last reply 01/05/2018 2:26 pm
AncientRP is a new role playing, survival server where faction of by gone times build up and compete in a brave new frontier.

Play as the:
And much more!

Our server's goal is to provide an almost entirely player driven faction/settlement system. Instead of being heavily tied down to the backstory and lore of the server written before-hand, we want YOU the player to experience the world, create communities and build the civilisations that will eventually become the server lore. We want YOU to write the history of this server, not us.
As our server is in its infancy, we are looking for both players and potential staff members. The sooner you join the server, the better the position you could potentially get.
Such high positions will be handed out as we, the server team, see fit to those eager and early in the server's launch. So don't be shy and join in the fun!

If you wish to know more about the server in general, or have question's regarding staff positions, ask away.
Join our discord with the link here:
The server IP is:
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Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer

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1 reply

01/05/2018 2:26 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
Staff application
Hello i would like to apply for staff on you miecraft server I am 11 years old and i have never been staff on a sever before what to do as a staff or helper is to ban them hacking scumbags and help people that need help in game That what i think it means to be a staff or helper and keep the server clean :D

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