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Join me on EarthMC Towny Server!

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created 11/13/2018 10:08 pm by ajj440

About two weeks ago I started on the server ''

I immediately took a liking to the server and started by creating a town called 'Miramar' in the Argentina region of the map. The uniqueness of this server is that it is layed out geographically the same as the world map. There's no teleports other than to the spawn of your nations allies, there's no /tpahere /tpa or any of that. You can't donate and receive currency - the owner of the server is against pay-to-win, so it's a good vanilla towny.

The global currency in-game is Gold Ingots. These are rare. Currently, we have a job board posted and ready in our city for residents to complete. Residents are given a town home, food, gear, and tools.

The expectations of residents are the following:

1) Mining for Gold. Not constantly, but make sure to contribute to the town.
2) Keeping the reputation of the town in order. There are roles ready to be given to residents. These roles include: Sheriff, Mayor, Councillor, Treasurer, Builder, Trusted, Resident, Settler, Recruiter and Tax-Exempt. (Once we're a nation, we'll be more Capitalist.)
3) Expanding our influence - Reaching out to new players and deciding if they're a good fit for the town.
4) Following the simple rules of the game. Be respectful. Don't make our nation look bad.
5) Finding animals - Animals are rare in this server.
6) Potions - This can be assigned by players and is a temporary task.
7) Establish trade routes

None of these have to be done everyday. These are more of guidelines than duties. This is what needs to happen for us to prosper and grow.

To be considered, you will need to be mature for the most part. It's not that strict, but don't make us look like fools.
Make sure to bring something to the table.
If this sounds like something you'd like to get into - Please shoot me a message on pne of the following!

Discord - Ajj440#8429
In-game - Ajj440 (do /msg Ajj440 [message])
Town name: Miramar, Argentina - Big Lake towards the bottom
Forums PM - I don't check the forums very often, so the above methods would be more efficient!
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