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AdultVideoGamers IronCraft Extreme Survival. (18+only) (Buffed Mobs)

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created 10/07/2018 5:05 pm by SerBarristanBold
last reply 12/05/2018 8:12 am
1.13.2. (18+only/25+ Encouraged) Hard Settings. True Survival. . PvE

Join Adult Video Gamers' new dedicated server! Application below.

This is unlike most servers. If you are looking for a different Minecraft experience, this might be for you. We play on Hard settings with buffs added to some mobs. We are building a town together and plan to have player shops. Hope you will join us.

Zombies have 200% HP and 300% attack, will hunt you from 150 blocks 7.5x standard range + will call for backup when attacked 25% of the time.
Skeletons have 200% HP and will hunt you from 150 blocks 7.5x standard range
Phantoms Have 300% Attack.
Enderman Have 200% HP
1. NO AFK fish farming. NO Mods, NO Cheats, No Cheat Glitches.
2. No ON/OFF water mob farms allowed/No Sky Mob Farms.
3. Only overland non AFK xp farms. No Nether/End based XP farms
4. All players are given a 30x35 town plot. Please build in the town before building personal bases away.
5. A mic is required for age verification.
6. No griefing or stealing. Do not duplicate.
7. Only engage in PvP if you have the other player’s permission.
8. If you cause a creeper explosion, repair the damage.
9. Do not go into other players’ houses without permission.
10. All trades with villages must be done in town. All other trading villagers will be killed.
11. No floating trees.
12. While you’re out exploring, be tidy. If you dig a huge hole to make concrete, fill it back up; if you create some temporary scaffolding out of dirt and gravel, tear it down when you’re done, etc.
13. When Reading these rules we ask that you write .snowman. in the discord chat.
14. When spawning a Wither please let a mod know prior to doing so and the approx location. Please refrain from doing so near populated/built up areas.
15. Please build bases at least 1,000 blocks away from town. Our game zone is 5,000 blocks from spawn 0,0 for a total of 10,000 by 10,000 blocks.
16. Talk to moderators before going to the end about arranging a time to fight the dragon as a team.

Friendly, Mature Community. Helpful Administrators. Town. Player Shops. Open 24/7.Hi-Res DynMap (view the server map in your browser). CoreProtect (anti-grieifing and anti-cheating plugin) .DiscordSRV (to connect Discord & in-game chat). Map Size: 10k block world border


Requirements:-Discord-Must be 18+ (26+ preferred)

Application (submit your answers by replying to this post):



3.How long have you been playing Minecraft?:

4.Favorite Fictional Character?:
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Level 1 : New Miner

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12/05/2018 8:12 am
Level 1 New Miner
10/14/2018 3:06 pm
Level 1 New Miner
1. Elysielle
2. 25
3. 3ish years
4. Farming, collecting things, exploring
5. Ahh this is a tough one. Lion is a great one.




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