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❦ Juice SMP ❦ Season 2 Applications now open! | Whitelisted | Community based Environment!

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created 02/19/2019 12:14 am by Justinstrize
last reply 02/19/2019 5:33 pm

(The above pictures are from season one which has been cut short)
Welcome!Our Discord: IP: (Whitelisted)Application Status: OPEN!

About Us:This new season is bringing a bunch of new features that I'm sure everyone will enjoy! Season 2 will be starting as soon as applications are finished! We are a small group of players just here to make new friends, have fun, and show off our Minecraft skills in a tight-knit, friendly and lovable community environment. Overall you will find that this SMP is very laid-back/enjoyment based whilst also packing pretty challenging survival experience!
Server Setup:
Difficulty: Hard Mode

Gameplay: Vanilla Minecraft with an exciting twist!, There are an assortment of carefully picked plugins and data packs which ensure a new, exciting experience! Some of these include: Custom mobs, Events, Quests, Custom Bosses/Loot, Jobs, Custom Enchants and more!

Server Type: Paper 1.13.2 (A fork of Spigot)

World Age: A new world is starting in the new season!

Version: 1.13.2 (Latest)

Location: Eastern Northern America, Currently there are players from Australia, Portugal, Canada, The Caribbean and other places all over the world!

Rules:1)Don't be a jerk, use common sense and be respectful to other members.
2)The only allowed mods are OptiFine, JourneyMap, and the Replay Mod. Please, do not use any other mods that give others an unfair advantage. If you are found with an unallowed mod, you will be given a warning.

3)PvP is turned on, but only allowed when both parties agree with it. Don't just go on a killing spree because you feel like it.

4)Please, be mature. We don't want people who come onto servers just to ruin everyone's fun.

5)We would prefer people who are 16 years old or older.

6)Pranking is allowed as long as nothing is destroyed. Try to clean things up in a timely and quickly manner.

You need to be able to speak English.


IGN (In-Game Name):



How long have you been playing Minecraft?:

Will you be able to play often?:

Discord name (so we know who to msg)(Only your name, not your #tag):

On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate your building skills and overall creativity?:

Why should our community choose you? Convince us!:

When you apply make sure to join the Discord so we can contact you if you are chosen!

Thanks for taking the time to check us out and I hope to see you on the server soon!

(credit to Axiba where due, as this application was inspired by their old application post)
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Level 1 : New Miner

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02/19/2019 5:33 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
IGN (In-Game Name): TheSacredEagle

Age: 15 (3 months away from birthday) but I do sound like almost a 9 year old. (I call myself a baby because of my voice.)

Timezone/Country: UTC-5

How long have you been playing Minecraft?: I started back in 1.2.5 back before emeralds came out. and I have been playing the game for about 7 years and I know basically everything about the game, sure there are little things I don't know but I know the common stuff about the game, though I still don't really know how to use redstone that well.

Will you be able to play often?: I can play for a minimum of 5 hours on weekdays, to 10 hours on weekends.

Discord name (so we know who to msg)(Only your name, not your #tag): Swag Supervisor

On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate your building skills and overall creativity?: My creativeness if general I would say is a 9 or 8, my building skills are in the middle, probably a 6 or 5, maybe a 7. Not too shabby, but not too good as well, In then middle I would say.

Why should our community choose you? Convince us!: I think you guys should choose me because I am care about others and that I can be fun loving, I also love to play with other people at the same time. I am very social (but I am sometimes shy when joining a voice chat.) I also just like joining new communities and I try to fit into them the best I can.

Thank you for taking your time to read this application, I hope your dreams come true!

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