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[1.4.6] Juphikie Survival Server - Mature - 24/7 - Dedicated

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created 01/09/2013 2:40 am by Ugikie
last reply 01/15/2013 2:41 am
On the Juphikie server our goal is to provide players with a unique experience that bigger servers just can't offer. We are a small but growing community with trustworthy staff and mature players, and are always looking for more.

Please submit an application because we would love to have you on!!!

Attention: The server is just a fresh new server and we are currently looking for dedicated members and skilled builders. We need people who are experienced players and who are willing to be mature and have a good time while helping us up build the server.

Fill out the application with a picture of something you have built and we will accept you on to the server
we are very open to anyone at the moment.

There are 20 slots on the server and they will fill up quick so hurry and submit an application!
We do now have a whitelist so submit and application and we will check it out! (We will most likely accept it so don't be afraid!)

Whitelist app
Time zone:
How could you support the server:
Why do you want to join:
Owner is:
how would you survive your first night:
Any thing else:
Please make sure to add at least one picture of something you have created that you are proud of. {manditory}


IP: Will be released in a private message after you submit an application!!!


Ugikie [Owner]
Juphoria [Owner]
NathannBurt [Admin]
Atradies [Moderator]
Any of our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Rule #1 - No Griefing.

Rule #2 - No trolling/disrespecting admins.

Rule #3 - No Hacks.

Rule #4 - No pvping unless in PvP area or dueling.

Rule #5 - No spam building.

Rule #6 - No asking for items/ranking up.
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Level 13 : Journeyman Pokemon

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01/15/2013 2:41 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
Whitelist app
Ign: ventie81

Age: 31.. God i'm Old...

Time zone: I think GMT+1 not sure, the Netherlands

How could you support the server: Help gather mats for Community builds, building stuff ofcourse i'm willing to help anyone.

Why do you want to join: I like the idea of a small community server, survival style gathering stuff before you build is more satisfying imo. And big mmo like servers are
not my cup of tea.

Owner is: Not sure i'm getting this one ehm owners are Ugikie and Juphoria

how would you survive your first night: Well depends, if i had enough daytime i would
have already crafted an iron sword.... I would probably go explore and fight!
and forget to bring enough torches or my compass and get lost..... a well it gets me through the night

Anything else: Started playing minecraft about 6 or 7 months ago and enjoying it. Been slacking on my builds a bit lately, but thats because i spend a lot of time on my texture pack. And if anyone needs a forum sig or other graphs you can ask me. Because between work and the misses a still find time for a hobby or two

Please make sure to add at least one picture of something you have created that you are proud of. {manditory}

Ehm i'll PM you a couple of picks if that is ok? Because some of the textures could still be from my template TP (Ravands RTP) and i don't wanna cause trouble. And i don't wanna open my own textures to public criticism before i'm content enough

btw if you don't allow cracked accounts i'll re-apply in a couple of weeks
And if the white list is full.... shame
Sorry if this too much text, i tend to ramble


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