Just started a new server! Looking for staff + players!

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ImAPacifist started 11/24/21 3:05 pm history
I recently released my server, Civil Realms, to the public just a couple days ago! We're really new, and therefore looking for people to fill staff roles such as helper or moderator. If you're interested, you can join us at Civil.apexmc.co ! There you'll find a discord link which will eventually have applications. Looking forward to meeting all of you!
If you'll be joining as a player, send me your username below and I'll give you an in-game reward when you arrive!

Our server description:

We are a pre-1.18 server that offers skill levels and abilities via MCMMO, a player and npc-based economy with integrated jobs and quests, and optional storylines with dungeons that can be played cooperatively! We are brand new (Opened November 24th, 2021), so come check us out! Build our community up with us!
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