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KarmaGaming looking for long term staff

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created 11/19/2017 7:14 pm by AussieBricks_Chuzzle
last reply 11/20/2017 12:16 am
Hello and thank you for clicking on this post, as you can see by the title KarmaGaming is looking for dedicated long term staff. Now before you all go off and apply, please do read what this server is about.

KarmaGaming is what you call a towny server, we have decided to take mine craft back to the roots of where it began, this with be a vanilla towny server. We have spawn city mapped out, spawn city is a whopping 300x300 spawn city, spawn point is smack bang in the centre of the city, this city includes the K.B.D (KarmaGaming Business District) where players purchase plots and build their stores to gain in game money by selling items they collect ( you will need the shopkeeper rank to operate a store) prices of store plots begin at $700 in game money, we have an Environmental area where people can go and collect resources free of charge like,
: wood,sand,clay,dirt,stone. We also have an Admin shop where the staff sell items you cannot usually find in game or very rare items. We also have a few house plots up for sale one the city is complete (prices start from $1500-$2000), and of course we have parklands.

Server ranks:

Most server make you buy ranks, we don't (well a few special ranks you need buy) to get the normal ranks such as.

-ShopKeeper or Sk
-DeathMaster or Dm ( Respawn where you died and keep inventory is on)
-Miner (place coal or mine with any pick and collect 1 diamond per 5 coal ore)
-Smelter (turns cobble into normal stone)

to to get these ranks you will need to complete a set of quests in quest world.

if you don't know what this is it is what you call a Destroy the server day, at the end of every year we unleash a new map ( this is so the old map doesn't get to full, everything changes every year) all perms will be turntable off and it will be a free for all howerver normal rules apply (except for the grieving rule)

towns and villages

this server allows people to build what they want where ever they want (appropriate builds only). This server gives players an opportunity to become somewhat of a staff member of their own town or village, once the server is open to the public there will be many towns popping up left right and centre, they can be as big as you like, these towns are created to house players and a community, you build the town they way you want (However before your town becomes an actual town you need to have these things listed below:

-3 farms or more
-town hall
-Main roads
- Animal farms
-House plots for free or no mor than $30
-Town walls
with a all these things done there will be a vote amongst the players (you need 60% + to get town)

So after Reading all this you still want to apply?

Well join our discord:
And apply at:
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11/20/2017 12:16 am
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Also forgot to mention, 15 years and above to apply for staff




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