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Greetings, KeyCraft is a relatively new Minecraft Medieval Fantasy RPG Server, and we're actively seeking new Roleplayers who are also looking for something new to take part in!

KeyCraft is the ultimate Roleplay, Quest, and overall RPG experience in Minecraft.

We here at KeyCraft pride ourselves on our ability to stand out among the rest with our ability to seamlessly combine Questing, Roleplay, PVE, PVP, and Survival Elements into one big package for all of you to enjoy.

Once you enter Omnia, the world is in your hands. Explore the islands to discover new cities, ruins, and even dungeons! With our fully customized lore you will always be sniffing out more secrets as you play, with some even leading you on new and exciting adventures!
Play with friends, by yourself, or even make new ones, everything is up to you. KeyCraft is welcoming to all, whether you’re a noob or a veteran roleplayer, we’re more than happy to have you as a part of our community. Our staff and volunteer moderators will make certain that you get all the help you need to start your journey on KeyCraft!

Key Features

  • KeyCraft offers an extensive and immersive Questing experience. All quests are hand written and developed by our Staff team to truly combine the gameplay and lore into a seamless lore-compliant experience for both you and your character. All of our Quests are a part of your characters story, so you are more than welcome to claim all of the things you do as a part of your In-Character journey!
  • Roleplay is a large portion of our server, and when you spawn inside New Ivyport you’ll be met with a plethora of helpful NPC’s and staff to assist you in starting. We have a proximity based chat plugin that allows you to roleplay with those around you without disrupting general chat, as well as a Race and Dice rolling plugin to truly immerse yourself in the world. Everything you do in gameplay can be considered roleplay, and your experience in KeyCraft will be quite casual, so there’s no problem with being a first-time roleplayer!
  • KeyCraft has a Wiki that will explain how roleplay, questing, and the lore of our server works! It will also assist you in learning about the world around you, though there is no pressure to memorize the Wiki before you begin playing! Any questions you may have can also be answered in our Community Discord which has over 300 members currently!

How does KeyCraft differ from other servers?

We’re so glad you asked! While KeyCraft is not the first of it’s kind, we do pride ourselves on how seamlessly we managed to combine all of our features into a truly one of a kind experience. Some servers like to separate their survival, questing, and roleplay aspects into different worlds and canons, but on KeyCraft everything is together! Your quests, your Homes, and all of your resource gatherings all exist on the same world! Together you and those around you can write amazing stories and experience extravagant plotlines all from the comfort of a single Minecraft map. No need to worry about managing your home or all of your Quest rewards, because it’s all in the same place! You can also be in or out of Roleplay as you please, so don’t worry about always needing to be “In-Character”, it’s good vibes only over here at KeyCraft.

KeyCraft PMC Link: Come Join Us Soon!

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