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kitpvp/soup server needs configurator/dev

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created 08/02/2017 6:48 am by stonehatch
Hello everyone i am stonehatch and i just bought a 6GB server. So what i am looking for is somone who can config plugins and setup a server. Me myself knows how to do this very well but i am more like a team player so i dont like doing things alone. I will split the donations 25/75 so its kinda a paid job if we do get donators.

I will try make the application as easy as possible.



Are you staff on any other servers? (1-2 is fine but not more as i will need you alot)

Can you code? (optional just say yes or no)

What is your configuration skills? (1-10)

Mic is needed so say YES if you have one. (NO is not an option)

Discord (for voice chat):
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