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KitsMc 24/7 Kits 1.6.2 *New Server*

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created 08/16/2013 10:43 am by Rxvy
KitsMc IP:

We will be observing players of the course of the next few months to select moderators for the server. DO NOT ASK TO BE MOD!

This is a brand new 1.6.2 Kit server. PvP is absolutely welcome! We will be starting off at 100 slots. There are Kits of the Week witch are Donor kits you can use.

There is a Shop you can access there by doing /warp Shop and buy Diamond Armor and Put enchants On your armor

As more players come and go we will be adding some games such as "Kill The King" where everyone on server kills a Player in Op [Over Powered Gear] For a prize

Come join and get started on being on the top leaderboards

Come check it out!

KitsMc IP:


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