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Kyvast Network - Releasing Soon!

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created 01/17/2019 3:11 pm by BR FOX

Kyvast is a factions server that is being brought back. But better and different than any factions server ever released. Kyvast is for the awesome community and that's it. If you're a casual player or even a competitive player, you will find your own role in Kyvast. Things will be very different then any other factions server you have ever played. Everything will be 100% custom.

Some features that are on Kyvast:

Custom Enchants, over 100+ different enchants
Custom tools (shockwave picks, chunkbusters, crop hoppers and much more!)
Custom Cannoning jar
Rogue System Base Cores
Base Auctions
TNT is only obtainable from creeper spawners, not craftable.
Custom Worlds
Cannon plugin, reduces lag (/cannons)
Paypal per events. (KOTH, Outpost, LMS, Duels, etc)
BossMobs, Dungeons.
Genblocks; like genbuckets but blocks instead. Easier for printing
Custom printing plugin.

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Release » Exclamation Release » February 15th @ 2 PM EST
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