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Last-Horizon Tower Assult

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created 12/30/2012 11:40 pm by goldennitro
Hello, friends!

I'm happy to announce that the map and groundwork for the Fortress Assault is complete. We also have a goal and how the system will work. This is how it will all go down:

* Everyday at 8PM CST, the Fortress Assault [FA] will begin.


* The Fortress is held on a separate map with a unique inventory. What this means is that the gear you worked hard for on the main map will not transfer to the FA map. Likewise, gear on the FA map will not transfer to the main world. This literally translates into you risking nothing during the event.

* As the inventory is separate and unique from the main world, all gear will be provided for participants. This means everyone will be on equal footing for the duration of the event! No such thing as a gear disadvantage in FA, not unless you choose to run in naked - which is your own fault. The gear provided will be completely free and cost nothing for you to use.

* FA will last for 30 minutes.

* When FA is not running, the map will be closed off. You may only access the FA map when the FA event is running.

* You may not build or break blocks on the FA map. It simply won't let you. You can't. This event is all about PVP and having fun.

So, what're the goals? Won't one faction just dominate the whole thing and it be incredibly boring?

I thought about how to combat this. I didn't want another system where one faction defended and multiple factions attacked - that's fit for the Castle Siege, but not FA.

So, just for the hell of it, the FA event will work on a point system. The goal is for you to get as many emeralds as possible (there is no workbench, and donors will be discouraged from making emerald blocks - please don't do it). You have 30 minutes to collect as many emeralds as possible. The person with the most emeralds at the end of the event wins 1 portal.

Well then. How does one obtain an emerald on the FA map?

Simple. You kill me. I will be participating in the event and spawning in at random parts of the Fortress. I will attempt to fight you with the same gear you have - even I will be on equal terms with my fellow participants. I will stand alone. No allies. I will try to kill everyone legitimately. If you kill me, I behold an emerald in my inventory - pick it up and try not to die. Collect as many as you can.

Likewise, if you have a lot of emeralds, you need to try your best to not die for FA's duration. After-all, if you die, your emeralds are lost to someone else!

After the 30 minutes are up, PVP will be disabled on the map and participating players will need to show me how many emeralds they've obtained. He or she who has the most, wins the FA and receives a portal. In the end, you may pass your emeralds to a friend to help them achieve victory. You may do this at any time. However, the spawning area (safezone) has been setup in such a way that once you leave into the Fortress grounds, you cannot come back unless you die. That said, you may NOT horde emeralds on the safezone if you do manage to get some and return there safely.

The main goal of the event is to have fun. You've got nothing to lose here, and winning a portal is pretty cool. If you don't think a portal is worth it then you're missing the point of the event. It's supposed to be enjoyable.

Tell me what you think!

I'm thinking the first official FA will be tomorrow: Monday.
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