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*BadLine-PvP*In Need Of Staff!*KitPvP*

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created 08/19/2015 5:54 pm by Amanthemoneyman
last reply 08/19/2015 8:26 pm
My server BadLine-PvP is in need of staff!

The staff must be age 13+

If you are not 13+ or lie about your age you will be banned, therefore not accepted

The application must be filled out with nothing missing, but extra may increase your chances of getting staff!

For anyone applying the server will not be up for another day or so! Keep it in mind, i will add you on skype if you've gotten the rank

We are in need of:




Dev(Developer)(1)Must know how to code



Skype(Must have):

Experience(Must have alot of experience fore admin):

Time-Zone(Mine is central):

How much you can be on!(Also if you could put times for the school year):


Plugins you've coded(Dev);Provide links:

Builds you've made(Builder); Provide links:

Knowledge of plugins such as VoxelSniper,Worldedit,PermissionsEx,GroupManager,Essentials...(etc):

Anything extra(Spending time on this betters your chances!):

The server ip is! For anyone who wants to come check it out!
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Level 2 : Apprentice Network

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08/19/2015 8:26 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Skype(Must have):alexnaruto234

Experience(Must have a lot of experience fore admin):I have had a lot of experiences as a mod and a admin. But sadly then closed for reason I don't really know. I used to be a owner for my own server but I didn't have enough money to support it so it had to shut down. So I did have a lot of experiences with different ranks.

Time-Zone(Mine is central): East Coast So eastern

How much you can be on!(Also if you could put times for the school year):

Monday;5 hours
Tuesday;5 hours
Wendsday;5 hours
Thursday;5 hours
Friday;5-7 hours
Saturday;3-4 hours
Sunday;2-3 hours

Knowledge of plugins: World Edit, Essentials, Group manager, World Guard and maybe a few more but I don't remember them right now.

Anything extra(Spending time on this betters your chances!):I really love to help other players and make them have a fun experience on the server. If a player Has a question I will be happy to answer it the best in the best of my abilities. Also when I had a server it was fun to talk to other players and see what I can do to help them. My maturity is pretty good and I can also be fun at other times so I think it could be half and half! I am a friendly person to talk to and still keep things under control. I admit that I am not always 100% the best but I will avoid making mistakes as most and possible. Keeping People Happy is something I love to do so hopefully I can get in and make the server as great as possible!
08/19/2015 6:42 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Network
Name(irl): Jake
Skype(Must have): Mine is Thingy2 same as my IGN
IGN: My IGN is Thingy2
AGE(13+): I turned 13 quite recently !! Congratulate me ! Jk
Rank : I would love admin

Experience(Must have alot of experience fore admin):
I have experience as I am Mod on a server that I have put lots and lots of effort into !
I have also worked on my own server before as I was researching lots into and I know most diferent details on servers !
I am also thinking about making a new server in a few months which I am really excited for !

Time-Zone(Mine is central):
My Time-zone is England sort of area currently , I am not thinking of moving any time soon!

How much you can be on!(Also if you could put times for the school year):

Monday; 7 hours
Tuesday; 7 hours
Wendsday; 7 hours
Thursday; 5 hours , Got to go to my nans.
Friday; 5 hours , My other nan this time.
Saturday; 7-8 hours
Sunday; 6-7 hours , I usually go out with my mates on weekends .

In the school holidays that is when I will be on most , but go on alot anyways as I am homeschooled !

Knowledge of plugins such as VoxelSniper,Worldedit,PermissionsEx,GroupManager,Essentials...(etc): I have knowledge of world edit , plugins and permissions !

Anything extra(Spending time on this betters your chances!):
I will deal with any players up to no good by :
1.Kick them until they come back on .
2.Next I will tempban them for however long is needed.
3.And finaly if they keep on messing around with me I WILL ban them , baring in mind that we want to keep as much players having fun as possible!

I can help out the server by :
1. I have a few plugins that I know of that can possibly make the server even better than it already is!
2. I love to build various buildings , I specialize in pixel art , PVP arenas , lobbies and crazy buildings!

I can create a fun atmosphere for our members by :
1. I will get rid of any negative behaviour going towards other players.
2.I will be serious when needed to be but also like to have a laugh with the players.
3.I will take in any information that a player gives me to see their perspective.

Thanks for reading

08/19/2015 6:25 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Network
diamonds0098Name: courtney

You have been accepted, join the server to recieve your rank as admin!
08/19/2015 6:04 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
Name: courtney

Age: 13 1/2

Skype: courtney0098

IGN: Courtney0098

Timezone: Pacific

Previous Experience: I have been co-owner, Head admin, and admin twice (based of of when the server ended) So I have quite a bit of experience over my years.

How active can you be? I can play 3+ hours per day, more if needed. I have plenty of extra time. My school ear starts September 9th- June10-15

When did you start playing minecraft? almost 4 years ago, early in 2012

Where are you from? Washington State

Why should we choose you over anyone else? I love to help people and like i said before i have a considerable amount of time on my hands, partially because school is out but even during school I am still available to help often! I am a happy, fair person. I like to be the one people turn to when they need help. I guess you could call me a people person. I am a quick thinker and know how to make correct descisions and if im not sure about something I know to turn to my superiors and admit I need help unlike some others who want to show that they are good at everything, when in reality they do need help! I know that no one is perfect and mistakes happen but I try my hardest to prevent any severe mistakes. I have experience being staff on minecraft servers, I have even worked my way from mod to head admin before. I'm responsible and thoughtful.

Knowledge of plugins: Awesome at worldedit, good at essentials, and used group manger a lot before.

Anything else: I can make a server website with forums and ability to register. I also want to just take the time to say that what should make my application stand above the others is that all the information it it is 100% TRUE. I live up to my word.

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