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Lead Developer needed!!!!

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created 08/20/2018 7:11 pm by LadyKukla
last reply 08/23/2018 12:34 pm
Lead Developer
Full Time

We are looking for an experienced Lead Developer for an undisclosed project. This Lead will spearhead development of a large scale network, dealing with our company libraries, and designing then implementing a project backend. They will then manage the technical team in releasing new content and updates through agile development.

At least 2 years in Java
At least 1 year in relational database systems (MySQL or similar)
At least 1 year in other data structures (Memcache, Redis, or similar)
At least 16 years old & able to sign contracts (or get co-signed)
Able to work at least 40 hours minimum a month
Ability to take constructive criticism
Ability to cooperate within a team
Strong grasp of mathematical equations in 3D environment
Good time management
Ability to think outside the box
Write agile code that can be changed based off of project outlook
Ability to estimate the general complexity of code
Ability to construct modular code
Knowledge of user experience design a plus
Extensive experience with large Minecraft servers a plus
Taken/taking Computer Science at University a plus
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08/23/2018 12:34 pm
Level 50 Grandmaster Grump
I don't know if this is a typo or not, but 40 hours a month isn't remotely full-time.
08/20/2018 11:21 pm
Level 17 Journeyman Engineer
All that work AND a degree for no pay? Let me know when you find a guy willing to do this because I'd like to use this sucker too. XD




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