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✘Legends of Valeros✘WoW-MMO✘Guildhousing✘Recruiting Builders

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created 01/31/2016 5:40 pm by LegendsOfValeros
last reply 02/12/2016 8:49 am

Hello fellow players, and welcome to the Legends of Valeros recruitment thread. In the following post you will find information about the server, media, recruitment and some contact information. Please read carefully to ensure that you miss little. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us through private message or via. the contact information listed on this forums account.

Legends of Valeros is a medieval/fantasy MMORPG themed Minecraft server which aims to produce unique game-play. Legends of Valeros will involve many intricate features such as in-depth storylines, immersive quests and a vast, magnificent world for everyone to explore and enjoy.

We here at Legends of Valeros pride ourselves on aesthetic quality. Every aspect of our server contains in-depth planning and design to meet up the the highest standards in order to provide each player with a rich and detailed game-play experience. At the core, Legends of Valeros is is a role-playing server. The lands of Valeros are extraordinary and have been built from the ground up over a period of more than 3 years. Within the map you can find anything; from towering mountains to frigid tundra, not a detail is excluded. In addition to the magnificent terrain, we also aim to fill the world with a plethora of structures spanning from epic cities and quaint towns to explorable dungeons and ruins.

-Heaven's Reach Overview-

Our aim is to fill this vast land with quests, story-lines, and forever-evolving narrative which will see players adventuring across the entire world, completing as they go, a myriad of quests and activities with other players to help advance their character.

Aside from our role-playing world, we also offer a chance for players to engross themselves in other forms of game-play which cater for all unique tastes.

Legends of Valeros Features:

- A mature and friendly administrative team always present and willing to help

- Fair and accommodating rules

-A unique story-line that encompasses the the entirety of Valeros

- A colossal world filled with adventure

- Hand-built terrain including custom trees, biomes, dungeons and more

- Highly detailed cities and ruins

- Unique races, classes, skills and professions with detailed back-stories

- PVP battlegrounds and arenas

- Guilds which include perks such as guild housing where players can build

- Scripted NPCs, quests, and group missions

- Dedicated server development team working twenty four/seven

- 99% uptime with minimal server lag

- An extensive and epic adventure for all to enjoy!!!

Heaven's Reach
Click to reveal

Desolated Plains:
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Click to reveal

If you wish to apply for a team position, please be clear about which position you are applying for in your post. Please reply to each application question with thorough detail and supporting evidence. Please avoid adding irrelevant details or information that is not supported with proof. Good luck!


We are constantly looking for talented builders. If you are an experienced Minecraft player, with an eye for detail and the ability to build high-quality, creative structures within the game, we are greatly interested in offering you a position as a builder on the Legends of Valeros project. This position will involve; working directly with our administration, building, and lore-writing team to construct detailed structures, and helping with large server projects on our role-playing world.

Application Format:
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The Legends of Valeros world is vast and magnificent and it requires extensive Terra-forming work, if you are skilled at creating stunning natural landscapes within Minecraft we would certainly be interested in offering you a position as a member of the Terra-forming team. Some prerequisites for this position include: Moderate-In depth knowledge of WorldEdit and VoxelSniper. This position will involve working closely with the administrative, building, and lore-writing teams.

Application Format:
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Are you skilled at creating interesting and unique graphics? Well look no further! We here at the Legends of Valeros project would be immensely interested in offering you a position as our server artist! This position will involve working with the administrative and lore-writing teams to create unique graphics for the Legends of Valeros project.

Application Format:
Click to reveal

For further questions please do not hesitate to private message us through MinecraftForums or submit a thread on the Legends of Valeros website. Also, keep your eye out for any updates to this post in the future!

Legends of Valeros brought to you by Team Valeros

Graphics/Renders by IronicGolem and Aug88

Thank you for your time!
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2 replies

02/12/2016 8:49 am
Level 42 : Master Architect
To everyone who is distressed, please post in this section and stop PMing because this will certainly not improve your status.

if you feel like you want to join just post it here, or on our forums
02/11/2016 4:39 pm
Level 42 : Master Architect
We are still recruiting talented individuals.

Also in a few weeks we will release Alpha find us on
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