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Legit PVP Alpha Release!

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created 11/30/2013 11:20 pm by Skaldas
last reply 11/30/2013 11:21 pm
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

Some of you already know of this and some of you are viewing this for the first time! All in all Welcome to our official post by the Legit PVP team. This post is designed to tell you that in midnight Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone (UTC-10:00) time we are releasing our server for Alpha testing!

This server is an All out PVP server and for the time being it's in Alpha state which means we only have kitpvp for now. We will be adding more exciting features like WarGames, Backbone (A new minigame), Survival Games, and maybe even a Prison server!

Our current server includes 5 new maps and will be adding 2 other maps later! We have 20 kits and we will add 1 kit every new month. Default users can access the new kits on the release date for the kit then it will be transferred over to it's suitable donor rank. Did I forget to mention we have donor ranks? We have four! Depending on how high you donate for new features depends on the better kits you have!

We also want to let want to let you know that we have an extremely friendly staff! For now here is our staff list!
Azrel1422 (That's me)
Imobzy (Best guy ever. Super fun)
Xetroses( What a guy... Amazing builder. Better friend.)

Mainie (Give this guy some love and his quest to build a perfect server! Youtube: MainieGaming)

Administrators/ Developers:


Marco (Great dude! Helped out so much on one of the Arena's)
Diamond ( Moderator in training, he's super fun to talk to. Always full of spirit)
xXCodeBossXx (The most specific mod ever. His application blew me away.)

Trial Staff:
That's right. We don't have very many moderators. So we've decided that after Alpha Testing and when we Get into Beta Testing we will accept Moderators applications!

All of staff here are absolutely amazing. They've yet to fail me and I am so happy that they are apart of our Team.

If you are interested in getting to our action grab our IP at the bottom and Wait for the MOTD to change to "ALPHA TESTING RELEASED JOIN!" and come in and let your experience on Legit PVP take a total turn over in your life!

Once again the Alpha testing will be released at Midnight Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone (UTC-10:00) time.

IP address:

Share some love to our friend Mainie!
Youtube: MainieGaming
Subscribe to his PMC profile for updates on his new server that's coming out!
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11/30/2013 11:21 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Scribe
If you want to see whats happening on the server now then join our Moderators live stream!

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