LegoWelt - SMP Latest Snapshot - small server looking for people

TeCK08093/2/20 9:23 pm
3/10/2020 8:30 pm
My friend and I are looking for some people to play a survival world with the latest snapshots together. We usually build big things together, go on adventures, fight ourselves through things, figure out how to make a redstone contraption (or just use YouTube :D ) and have a good time.
We are in our mid twenties and from Germany, but anybody who’s relaxed and wants to have fun together is welcome.

You can mind your own business, build somewhere else if you want, nothings strict here. just to have someone to talk to while building alone/together makes it more fun. Not being alone in your own survival world is far better!
It’s also fun to see a new structure that has been built and which hasnt been there before, when you‘ve not been online for a bit🙃

We don’t want any griefers or anything, you can have your own tools and items etc. and you can bring along a friend and build your own base together.

If you are interested leave a comment or join our discord discord.gg/J3tFCS
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03/10/2020 8:30 pm
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im interested!
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