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created 02/12/2018 12:24 am by MrPistachios
last reply 02/16/2018 10:15 pm

Website/Discord: https://reborndominion.com/

Welcome to Reborn Dominion! We are a group of serious builders that come here to relax and build in our spare time.
We started off as a realm back in 2015 after joining multiple realms that kept expiring or reseting the worlds making us lose our progress. Our goal was to make a safe place where you can come anytime and build anything as if you were playing a single player game, but with the ability to visit one another, or build community projects.

All there was in the beginning was a flat piece of land between some large amplified mountains and a few villagers. Soon enough this town started to take shape with everyone contributing. We made a community mine, storage, and built all the necessities to make it easier for players to join, stock up on some food and supplies and start adding to the town or go off and venture into the world.

After a year we decided it was time to start somewhere new, as most of the players were not as active as they were and new players wanted fresh lands we decided the best thing to do was start a new spawn in a new area. After all, the world is infinite so why start a new world? This way the players with long-term projects can keep on adding to it and new players can start in a new unexplored area. This formula has worked great and now we have just started the 2018 season with a new spawn making it the fourth.

In 2017 we chose to switch from Minecraft Realms to a server, the reason was that with realms, if someone griefs we would have to reload to a old save, so anyone online at the time would lose progress back to the save point. With a server and plugins we can now just roll back the individual greifer and it won't affect others. We can now also prevent players from using X-Ray mods that horde all the ores.
Being on a server has also given us the ability to use Multiverse, now we have added multiple worlds with the ability to still visit each other and chat in game. We also have a chestshop plugin so you can make a secure shop in the market and sell your items.

In 2017 we also joined forces with Reborn Dominion, a large multi-game community. Now not only do we have more players in our Minecraft server, but we always have friends in every other game like Space Engineers or PUBG.

CreepyHut: Our original and most developed world, this world is Amplified which gives you a new perspective and pushes your creativity. We have been running this world since 2015 so there is plenty to see. There are Awesome large mountains and epic valleys formed in this world. This world is Hard Survival with keep items on death.

CreepyCabin: The second world added to our server, This world is purely Vanilla for players that like the challenge of dropping your items when you get swarmed by a horde of zombies, or don't like dealing with mountains everywhere. The difficulty is set to hard so watch out for armored mobs. The mob cap on our server is also higher than normal so mob grinders work even when multiple players are online, but that also means when you are in the dark you will have to be ready.

Creative: We started a creative world with world edit permissions for players who just want to build or test out ideas before commiting in the survival worlds. Inventory is not allowed to leave this world for obvious reasons so make sure you leave your stuff behind, including your Ender chest, clear it out into a regular chest before going in.

To join just leave us a comment with your IGN and add the IP!
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02/12/2018 3:50 am
Level 7 Apprentice Ranger
Nothing Amazing about this server really... it relays far too much on trust
02/13/2018 10:33 pm
Level 1 New Miner
thats why it is for mature players who like vanilla minecraft and enjoy building.
Greifers get reversed and banned, its been working for years
02/14/2018 4:17 am
Level 7 Apprentice Ranger
Or you could take notes that the server as flaws instead of counter acting a valid argument... Pretty mature -.-




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